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 FLUORAT®-02-PANORAMA spectrofluorometric detector

FLUORAT®-02-PANORAMA permit time programming of both excitation and emission wavelengths for easy optimization of sensitivity and selectivity.

To carry out very complicated analyses, for example, to analyze polyaromatic hydrocarbons, it is convenient to use a specrtofruorimetric FLUORAT®-02-PANORAMA analyzer. This instrument enables program-controlled adjustment of both monochromators as a function of the eluation time. In this fashion, several compounds, for example, 15 specified polyaromatic hydrocarbons, can be detected with the highest sensitivity.


Max pressure 250 bar
Chamber volume 35 ml
Flow rate(Q) from 0.001 to 3.0 ml/min 0.01-1.0 ml/min steps 0.001
Flow Accuracy and Reproducibility (Precision) /\Q=+(0.25 + 0.005Q) 3 - 0.25%
Rate of filling and rinsing 20 ml/min
Size 250x370x510 mm
Weight 14 kg
Spectral range 210 - 690 nm (optionally 210 - 730 nm)
Spectral bandwidth 15 nm (optionally 8 nm)
Signal-to-noise ratio for the Raman spectrum of water (lex. = 350 nm; lem. = 400 nm) 200 : 1
Wavelength setting accuracy + 2 nm
Scan speed max 5 nm/s (typ. 1 - 2 nm/s)
Cell types used 6µl flowcell
Power requirements 110/220 V, 60 W
Size 400x360x160 mm
Weight 17 kg


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