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 FLUORAT®-02-2M analyzer as an
HPLC fluorometric detector


Basic control unit options:
- Automated rinsing
- Fast set of eluent
- Automatic start by a command from the injection valve
- Pump stop programming
- Automatic switch-off when a chamber is dumped or filled up (during rinsing).

As part of a liquid chromatograph, FLUORAT®-02-2M analyzer enables the detection of mycotoxins, benzo[a]pyrene, vitamins, etc. To record chromatograms, the analyzer is equipped with an RS-232 interface. A built-in microprocessor provides customized report, the recording pulses being generated at a 4-Hz repetition rate, linearly smooths the analytical signal, averages signals over the given number of pulses, and makes the output signals compatible with the chromatographic data processing PC Chrom&SpecR software. Commonly, chromatograms are a printer.

FLUORAT®-02-2M fluorometric detector
Spectral range 250-650 nm with changeable light filters
Sensitivity Ex = 292nm, Em = 400-450 nm, t= 1 sec
Detectable response from 0.01 mg/l benzo[a]pyrene
Total flow microcell volume 6 µl
Flowcell illuminated volume 1 µl
Signal-to-noise ratio S/N = 100


The PYTHON pump provides precise and predictable pulsation-free eluent flow and pressure. It shows none of the injection valve irregularities typical of HPLC reciprocating pumps operated at very low flow rates. It is specifically designed to handle aqueous, organic, corrosive, and viscous liquids, each one being analyzed with a high precision. Two pumps operating together can build up an eluent gradient.
The pump has a multifunctional control unit set from a built-in keypad, which simplifies routine operations.

Max pressure 250 bar
Chamber volume 35 ml
Flow rate (Q) from 0.001 to 3.0 ml/min 0.01-1.0 ml/min steps 0.001
Flow Accuracy and Reproducibility (Precision) /\Q=+(0.25+0.005Q) 3-0.25%
Flow Rate of filling and rinsing 20 ml/min
Size 250x370x510 mm
Weight 14 kg

Download presentation (PDF format): HPLC with Fluorat®-02 Analyzer

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