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 CRYO-1 and CRYO-2 Cryogenic Systems


The capabilities of cryoluminescence techniques are implemented using cryogenic CRYO-1 and CRYO-2 systems. The CRYO-1 cryospectral system (in the picture) comprises a FLUORAT-02-2M analyzer, cryogenic unit, and a spectral analysis unit (an LM-3 monochromator), which are connected with one another via fiber optical bundles. The cryogenic unit, where a substance under study is cooled to the liquid-nitrogen temperature (77 K), consists of a rack, Dewar vessel, and device for the uniform feed of samples for measuring (max 12 simultaneously cooled samples).

The CRYO-1 system is intended for determination of weight concentration of benz[a]pyrene in various objects from quasi-line fluorescence spectra arising due to the Shpolsky effect. Thus a high sensitivity and selectivity of the analysis is obtained.

The CRYO-2 cryospectral system comprises a FLUORAT-02-2M analyzer and a cryogenic unit, which are also connected with each other via fiber optical bundle. CRYO-2 is intended for measuring concentration of lead in samples of drinking, natural, and wastewater, and in food products. The assaying techniques are based on measuring the intensity of luminescence of lead chloride complexes in solutions at a temperature of 77 K and thereby determining the lead concentration using a calibrated FLUORAT-02-2M analyzer. In addition, Bi, Te, and Se can also be detected. These techniques are high-sensitive and need very simple sample preparation.


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